Servicing & Accessory fitting service All our bikes are lovingly looked after by orselves and we are always pleased to see you bring your bike back for a service or to have additional accessories added to it. All our Hire bikes are regulalry serviced for your peace of mind.
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The Bike Shed Workshop

Wheels & Tyres

We can supply you with a wide range of Wheels and Tyres for a wide range of Bikes. In our workshop we can ‘True’ wheels for you to keep you rolling at the most efficient possible.  

Chainsets & Brakes

We are suppliers of Chains and can replace them as and when required. On the Braking side of things we can supply, replace or repair a wide range of braking systems including Hydraulic braking systems.

Sprockets & Gears

Gears and Sprockets can also be supplied and fitted to a wide range of bikes.Again we check and replace this if necessary on our standard service that we carry out in our own Workshop.  

Service & Spares

•Our Cytech approved workshop mechanics provide a first class service. •We carry sufficient spares to allow us to fix most problems with your bike. •The workshop works on a first come, first served basis and we work to this and only deviate in an emergency. •We can do everything from a small service to a complete overhaul. •All new Bikes are given a full safety check before you ride it off and they also come with a 6 week safety check and a FREE service at 1 year old.
We have a fully stocked Shimano workshop facility for setting up new bikes and repair and maintenance  on customers bikes.
The Workshop is shut on Sundays for
 Hire Fleet Maintenance 
We can accept all Major Debit / Credit Cards (American Express is sadly not included at the moment)